System Status

Here, you will find information about how well The Lovinity Community+ is functioning. Real-time statuses (with the exception of Website Security Risk) provided by Uptime Robot. Click here to access our Uptime Robot status page (you may wish to bookmark it so you can check it out in the event our main website is down).

Real-Time Status

Monitor Status
LoveyCube Website ONLINE
LoveyCube Radio System (nowplaying and dashboard) OFFLINE
LoveyCube Radio Stream OFFLINE
Website Security Risk (based on activity from past 24 hours) LOW RISK

Current Health (Manually Updated)

Monitor Health
Server GOOD
LoveyCube Website PROBLEMS
Discord Bot GOOD

Latest Updates (Manually Updated)

Time / Date / status color Monitor Information
June 9, 2017 Website We have noticed that the LoveyCube mobile version is not functioning properly. We will investigate and attempt a fix when possible.
May 20, 2017 Radio System The radio system is OFFLINE until further notice due to unstable power at the location of the radio system computer. The power is stable now and radio stream is back online. Monitoring for issues.
February 21, 2017 Website We're tweaking some things with the website, which may cause temporary slow-downs and bugs.

Status colors:
  • Minor problem
  • Problem
  • Major problem

Should you come across any bugs or issues, please report them promptly to [email protected] or go under Help -> Tickets / Contact.