The following is a current list of official LoveyCube staff. These individuals put in volunteer hours to help this community run efficiently. Please don't hesitate to talk to any of them. However, we highly recommend using our support tickets system (About -> Support Tickets , or email [email protected] ) opposed to directly messaging a staff for staff related matters. That way, you will get a response faster and more efficiently.


Administrators (and advisers) are the highest level of staff. They operate the website and Discord server and its procedures as well as help out in any of the other teams that need the help.

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Advisers are also on the same level as administrators. Advisers are professionals whose focus is in psychology, sociology, social work, LGBTQA+ affairs, activism, or other related fields. They provide guidance for website staff when needed and are a check on power for administrators.
Though advisers are on the same level as administrators, they do not run the website / Discord server and are usually only around when assistance is needed. Therefore, please do not approach advisers for staff matters.

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Moderators are the staff that go through content submitted on the website and Discord server. They make sure everything is appropriate and in line with the community's rules and policies. Should something not be in line, moderators will take appropriate action to ensure the problem is corrected.

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Developers work on the back end of the website and Discord server. They do the coding and technical work to make sure the website / Discord server and bot is functioning properly. They also code in new features as needed.


Ambassadors are in charge of relations outside of the website. They coordinate affiliations with other websites and conduct business relating to outside sources.


Although anyone is free to give advice and support to members in the community, mentors are those chosen by staff to be the most helpful and trustworthy individuals when it comes to help and support. If you need someone to talk to, mentors will be there for you.

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Event Hosts

These staff members host fun events and contests within the community.

Please contact @Lovinity if you are interested in being a staff. Currently, all positions except administrator and developer are open. The following requirements are in place for applications for all/any staff position:
  • Moderators, Developers, and Ambassadors must be 18 years or older. Mentors and Event Hosts must be 16 years or older.
  • To apply for staff, you must have 0 demerits on your account at the time of applying. You must also not be in probation at the time of applying, and you must never have been suspended from our website or Discord server (reached 100 demerits).
  • Applicants for the adviser position must have a Batchelor's degree or beyond in psychology, sociology, health, social work, gender studies, sexuality studies, LGBTQA+ affairs, or other related fields.
  • We prioritize applicants for Ambassadors that have a STAR stat of 10% or higher. We prioritize Moderator, Event Host, and Mentor applicants who have a STAR stat of 20% or higher. You do not need these stats to apply, but you will not be given as high of priority if you don't have that high of a stat.
  • All staff applicants must also go through staff training, which also includes Safe/Brave Space training.