Apply for Staff

If you would like to volunteer time to helping to run LoveyCube, you may do so by becoming a part of our staff team. Together as staff, our goal is to ensure the smooth and safe operations of the website and Discord server, and to promote and expand when needed.


Being staff on LoveyCube is a non-paid voluntary commitment. We are a non-profit entity and do not have it in our budget to pay staff. However, you will be rewarded through earning Yang (our virtual currency) as well as other things. Your experience as a staff member could also be mentioned on your resume for future jobs.



Administrators oversee everything on LoveyCube. They are in charge of taking in new staff members as well and relieving staff found to be inactive or not capable of meeting the needs of their position. They make the big decisions for the website and Discord. And they guide the rest of the staff and the teams.


Advisers are professionals and have a professional degree in a field relating to the area of the community they are advising. Advisers work with administrators on making the big decisions, but are not held to as high of activity standards as the rest of the staff; they're only there when needed.


Moderators are in charge of moderating and reviewing content submitted to LoveyCube. They approve or reject any content that have been flagged for approval (either via being in probation, setting staff bypass on a new content to OFF, or a mandatory moderator check) depending on whether or not it follows our rules. They issue accountability statements and prosecution / discipline when necessary. They intervene on conflicts experienced on the website or Discord. And they maintain user reputation/credibility.


Developers work on the back end of the website and the bot of the Discord server. They do the coding of new features, improve on existing features, fix bugs, perform routine maintenance, and maintain website backups.


Ambassadors are the outside voice of LoveyCube. They establish relations with other organizations and entities. They promote our community in an attempt to get more members. They proofread correspondance such as our newsletters. And they manage advertising.


Mentors are our internal voices of LoveyCube. They go around helping users who need help or someone to talk to. They welcome new members. They give advice and wisdom. And they actively engage within the community to help stimulate discussion.

Event Hosts

Event hosts run community events, games, and contests within LoveyCube and within the discord server. These events are to encouage others to engage, have fun, make friends, and get to know each other. We also frequently give out prizes and rewards during events.


All staff

  • All staff will be required to go through safe space training. Safe space training educates people on LGBT affairs as well as what to do in different situations, such as when one makes a mistake or an assumption.
  • All staff will also be required to go through LoveyCube specific staff training. In this training, you will learn what is expected of you, what you can expect from us, how to perform your duties, and what to do in certain situations.
  • We use Discord for real-time staff correspondance. All staff must have a Discord account and use it.
  • All staff must be fluid in the English language. Developers are an exception since they work behind the scenes, but should still be able to speak some English.
  • For legal liability reasons, Administrators, Advisers, Moderators, and Developers must be 18 years old or over. Mentors, Ambassadors, and Event Hosts must be 16 years or over. This is a strict requirement, and exceptions will not be allowed.
  • If you have ever reached 100 demerits against your account (been suspended or banned), unfortunately you won't be allowed to be staff on LoveyCube.
  • You will not be allowed to apply for staff if you have any demerits against your account until those demerits are all expired.
  • All staff must be actively engaged on the website and attend to their duties. They must also notify Lovinity in the event of a prolonged absence of 5 or more consecutive days.
  • All staff are expected to name and claim any and all mistakes they make without making excuses.
  • You cannot apply for a staff position if your credibility score is 0 or less (you have more bad credibility than good credibility). In addition, the higher your credibility score, the more priority your application is given.

Administrators and Advisers

  • Administrators are hired on within staff. Therefore, non-staff cannot directly apply to be an administrator.
  • Advisers are chosen by administrators and therefore cannot be applied for (at this time).


  • Prior experience in customer service or moderation or human relations highly preferred but not required.
  • Moderators must have strong communication skills.
  • Moderators must be able to intervene on and handle conflicts in a professional and calm way, even if being attacked. 
  • Moderators must be open minded when it comes to complaints, criticism, and disciplinary appeals.
  • Moderators are especially expected to name and claim all mistakes they make without making excuses.
  • Moderators must be able to look at situations from all sides before making a decision, especially in terms of discipline.
  • Moderators must have a thorough knowledge of the rules and policies.
  • Moderators must know when it is best to refer users to someone else or to another resource; moderators need to know their limits.
  • Moderators will be tested on their moderation skills during training.
  • Moderators must not have ever evaded discipline nor earned bad reputation for showing carelessness for following the rules.
  • Moderator applicants must have been fairly active within the last 30 days (which means users who have not been on LoveyCube for at least 30 days may not yet register to be a moderator).
  • Applicant's bad credibility must not make up any more than 5% of their total credibility at the time of applying.


  • Prior experience in web development or maintaining content management systems highly preferred but not required.
  • Experience with Composr CMS highly preferred; other experience in forum or social website software preferred. Both not required.
  • Node.js experience highly preferred.
  • Developers must be able to respond quickly to website emergencies.
  • Developers must be aware that in the event of an emergency, they may be asked to temporarily abandon their current task whether online or offline to quickly fix the problematic issue.
  • Developers must have knowledge in at least a couple of the following languages: PHP, HTML, MySQL, CSS, Javascript, XML.
  • Developers must take a strict oath not to violate the privacy of others, use the data they might have access to in any unlawful way, nor compromise the website's security or stability intentionally. Legal action in addition to a permanent ban may be applied if violated.
  • Developers will be asked to develop a feature, improve on an existing feature, or fix a complicated bug, during their trials. They will also be asked to review the Composr CMS documentary in depth and take a test on it.
  • The bad credibility of developers must not make up any more than 10% of their total credibility at the time of applying.


  • Previous experience in customer service, sales or marketing, public speaking, public relations, advertising, or other related fields highly preferred but not required.
  • Ambassadors must be strong in communication skills.
  • Ambassadors must be able to proofread for spelling and grammar errors and have strong skills in doing so.
  • Ambassadors must be able to write professional emails and messages.
  • Ambassadors will need to be able to construct satisfactory Public Relations messages when necessary for LoveyCube.
  • Ambassadors need to have a strong ability to convince and advertise as they will be in charge of promoting LoveyCube to other entities.
  • Ambassadors must be active every Friday or Saturday because of our weekly maintenance on Saturdays (weekly topic rotation, weekly newsletter, and so on).
  • Ambassadors will be asked during their trials to write a professional, convincing letter of some sort.
  • The bad credibility of Ambassadors must not make up any more than 10% of their total credibility at the time of applying.


  • Previous experience in supporting others (such as therapy, social work, and so on) is preferred but not required.
  • Mentors must have strong communication skills.
  • Mentors need to be warm, welcoming, supportive, and friendly.
  • Mentors need to be personable and also need to be able to act supportive and friendly despite negativity.
  • Mentors will need to have strong skills in helping other people through support.
  • Mentors will need to be active on the website and establish themselves by regularly posting content.
  • Mentors will be under strong oath not to share anything discussed privately among users in terms of support with anyone else, unless the issue deals with suicide, crime, abuse, or violating website rules (then share with staff only).
  • Mentors will be asked during their trials to give support via a staff generating a scenario in which one may need support and someone to talk to for.
  • Mentors must not have their bad credibility make up any more than 10% of their total credibility at the time of applying.

Event Hosts

  • Prior experience in event hosting or planning preferred.
  • Event hosts must have strong communication skills.
  • Event hosts must be warm, friendly, and welcoming.
  • Energetic personalities preferred but not required.
  • Event hosts must be decently active on LoveyCube and be able to host at least 1 event per week as a team.
  • Event hosts should be organised and be able to plan and host events in a structured and professional manner.
  • Event hosts must not have their bad credibility make up any more than 10% of their total credibility at the time of applying.