Safe/Brave Space Policy


In an effort to keep our community safe, while at the same time promoting open discussion of controversial and sensitive topics, LoveyCube is both a safe space and a brave space. 

Safe Space

LoveyCube aims to help others feel safe and able to discuss sensitive and important matters without fear of blatant harassment, bullying, nor discrimination. To meet this goal, we have the following Safe Space policies in place:

Bullying and harassment is not tolerated in our community. We wish for our members to feel safe from personal attacks and discrimination in our community.

Anyone with good intent may be a part of our community regardless how they identify. This is a discrimination-free zone.

Out of courtesy of our members, we require emphasised and clear trigger warnings for sensitive topics.

What our Safe Space is NOT

Our Safe Space is NOT a guarantee of safety. Please be aware that although LoveyCube promotes a safe environment for everyone, safety cannot be guaranteed for anyone. There may be times you will experience discrimination, bullying, and harassment in our community. It is important you recognize this and challenge it when it happens (challenging is not the same as retaliating; it's acknowledging that it is happening and that you stand against it. Challenging may also include refuting discrimination, bullying, or harassment, with research and evidence.) 
Our Safe Space is NOT censorship (but it IS being inclusive). We do not censor uncomfortable topics in our community, which may be an expectation for most safe spaces. Instead of censoring, we allow our community to learn and grow from these topics. We will not step in unless people's safety or security is in jeopardy, or unless something needs better explained or challenged. We ask that you approach sensitive topics respectfully. We do not, and will not, try to censor sensitive topics.

Brave Space

LoveyCube also encourages others in our community to discuss matters which may be sensitive or controversial in nature. It's the only way we can learn from each other about important social matters, and to dismantle systems of oppression, discrimination, bullying, and harassment. Therefore, we have the following Brave Space guidelines in place:

We encourage users to ask themselves "why?" and step outside their comfort zones when they feel uncomfortable about a situation, topic, or belief.

Listen to others when they share stories, experiences, advice, and wisdom. Everyone has something to bring to the community.

Participation is key to understanding and learning from each other. We encourage participation and a will to step outside comfort zones.

We expect our members to take personal accountability for their actions and mistakes without making excuses. Intent does not matter; impact does.

What our Brave Space is NOT

Our Brave Space is NOT an open invitation to say whatever you want.It is important to remember that the internet is not a public function. Therefore, it is not protected under the U.S. constitution for Freedom of Speech. We do believe in the freedom to speak, but everything you submit to our community you acknowledge and take full responsibility for. If what you say and submit to our website causes problems for others, you will be held accountable. Discriminating, bullying, threatening, provoking drama or needless anxiety, lying or giving false or misleading information, pressuring others, insulting others for who they are, or promoting things detrimental to the community are all examples of things you may be disciplined for if you say.
Our Brave Space is NOT a mandatory calling to agree with everyone. We expect everyone to listen to others with an open mind. We do not, however, expect everyone to agree with each other on everything. But, we expect our members to disagree respectfully. We do not tolerate attacking others personally for their opinions. And we do not tolerate people who try to shut others out or refuse to at least consider their points of views.


All staff of LoveyCube have been trained in order to know how to handle issues in an all-inclusive non-discriminating way. However, staff have not been trained in dealing with crisis situations, such as suicidal members, other than to provide calm support and to guide members to appropriate resources.

Inclusive and Respectful Language

We do not have a word filteron our website. We feel that word filters are annoying and prevent freedom of speech. On the same note however, we ask that you take care in the language you use on our website. We will not intervene for cursing on our website or Discord server (unless it's very excessive). However, intervention may be necessary if you use language meant to insult or hurt other people, intentionally provoke drama and/or unconstructive argumentation, intentionally create disgust or triggered emotions, or discriminate against others.

If you need assistance with understanding what terms are considered inclusive and what terms are not inclusive, you may do Google searches on inclusive language guides. Additionally, you may refer to this PDF document:

Profile Fields

In order to be an inclusive website, we have enabled optional profile fields for gender identity, pronouns, and sexual orientation. You are expected to refer to other members either by their username or by their indicated preferred pronouns (if none are provided, use the gender neutral term "they"). We also ask you refer to people outside of our website by their preferred pronouns as well (if you don't know it, use the gender neutral pronoun "they").