LoveyCube Rules

Rules help establish a plan of action should the safety or user enjoyment of others get threatened. 
Your use of our website and/or Discord server implies acceptance of these rules in full, as well as our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Safe/Brave  Space Policy.

To view more information about a rule below, click its icon. If you have a question or concern about the rules and it's not addressed when clicking it to view more information, please contact staff under About / Help -> Tickets / Contact. Ignorance will not be an acceptable excuse should you break a rule because you didn't know about it.

Our website has a staff review bypass feature. If you have a piece of content you're not sure is in line with the rules, set the staff review bypass option to OFF to have the staff review it before it goes public.

Website / Discord Server

This community is not recommended for people under the age of 16. We do not, however, actively enforce this.

Please do not use Ad Blockers on our website. Ads help financially support our community. We will not bombard you with disruptive ads.

Do not use our website with a proxy or tor service; use your real IP address.

Do not spam post in our community for the sole purpose of earning Yang or rewards, or boosting reputation stats.

Use our community for your own personal use only. Click to read what you can and cannot do.

Anyone inactive on both the website and our Discord server for 90 or more days will be deleted automatically.

Only upload content you know to be safe and free from viruses or malware. Do not threaten the security nor stability of our website or Discord server.


Use only ASCII characters. Special characters may not render properly. Bottom line: If it's not on a standard U.S. keyboard, don't use it.

You must obtain explicit permission by the copyright holder to submit copyrighted content to our website or Discord server. You must also properly credit the copyright holder.

Please provide an English Translation in your submissions if you use a language other than English.

Please do not share anything within our community you know to be false, inaccurate, or misleading. Provide context to shared media.

Ensure that your content, language, and behaviour does not discriminate people.

Though you may discuss these topics, we do not permit actual promotion of drugs (including prescriptions), alcohol, tobacco, weapons, gambling, or products made from endangered species.

Do not engage in, nor promote, illegal activity.

Do not post unwanted content to our community nor post things in the wrong place intentionally.

Tasteful non-pornographic NSFW is permitted in certain areas. Please click to read this entry in detail.

Please keep private content and information private; do not publicly share private content and information.

Signatures should take up no more space than 5 lines of 12 point text. Images should be 468 x 110 pixels or less, and 50kb or less in file size.


Please be respectful. Moderate profanity. No discriminatory, offensive, trolling, fraudulent, threatening, abusive, harassing, inflammatory, nor hateful behaviour.

Be yourself. Please do not impersonate other people nor pretend to be someone you're not.

Ensure all relevant users have consented when engaging in discussion or activity about sensitive matters.

Please respect the staff and do not evade, argue, nor bribe out of discipline. Staff are here to ensure everything runs smoothly and everyone has a good time.

Disciplinary System

If the violation was not severe nor excessive, you will usually be asked to complete some tasks timely to avoid further discipline.

If you do not comply with accountability, or the violation was severe or excessive, you'll be disciplined. You could have points fined, demerits issued, and permissions taken away.

If the rule violation was very severe, or you reach 100 demerits on your account, you could earn an extended suspension or permanent ban.

If you disagree with a discipline, suspension, or ban... you can file an appeal within 72 hours of the discipline being issued to you. The appeal will be reviewed by multiple staff.