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Leon's Portal - The Main Canon Story

For as long as we can remember, humankind has stretched their imagination beyond the unthinkable. From genius inventions, to creative art... the power of the human mind has influenced society as we know today. Who would have thought the power of the human mind would go so far as to create imaginary realms, with creatures biologically impossible to exist? Pokemon, Digimon, Yugioh, Dungeons and Dragons, World of Warcraft, My Little Pony, Furries, Dragon Ball Z... the list of realms go on and on. We escape to these realms to, for a short while, forget the burdens and challenges reality bestows upon us. We interact with each other via. these mystical creatures. We fight complex battles. We complete intricate tasks and formulate relatable story lines. We often wonder how far our "wonder" will go.

But for the longest time, our imaginary realms and creatures remained just that: imaginary. One day though, humans were to discover that our imaginary creatures weren't as "imaginary" as we once thought. And so begins Leon's Portal.

Unknown to the public eye, the United States military has secretly funded and built project IMIR, Intelligent Materialisation of Interdimensional Reality. The project was later renamed to "Leon's Portal" after General Leon's major contributions to the project. The project was meant to tap into the forces of our mind and "make real" the creatures we made from our imaginary realms. The military would then assimilate these creatures into the military to build a virtually undefeatable and human-less military, slashing human casualties by a significant margin.

Unfortunately, after finishing the first successful tests and materializing an Anime character by the name of Lovinity, forces from North Korea tapped into the supercomputer responsible for materializing these creatures and infected it with a supervirus. This virus created so much havoc that the military was forced to shut down and abandon the supercomputer and the project.

A couple years after the project was abandoned, two students from the nearby college were in the process of fixing a bug at the radio station. Suddenly, one of them caught a glimpse of a new but seemingly familiar woman passing down the hall. She had red and maroon hair, a beautiful white Summer floral dress, and red boots with a heart and infinity symbol on them. Curious, the student followed her to the cafeteria to see if he could get a better look and, perhaps, talk to her. When she turned around to see him, she gasped, quickly recognizing him. Being scared and in disbelief though, she quickly scurried off down the hall to another place on campus.

Curiosity continued to burn in his mind. And soon he found himself running into her again. This time, she kept her cool and didn't act on the urge to deny what was going on. They introduced each other and quickly realized that the woman was Lovinity, the OC character that the student had created a few years ago as a pony, then later evolved her to an Anime human. She then explained the supercomputer to him as well as the other student. However, it still remains a mystery as to how the supercomputer got turned back on, which Lovinity noticed from seeing odd black smoke periodically hover over the military base (signalling the activation of the super virus). Now, it is up to Lovinity and those students to build a team and keep the virus at bay, while at the same time exploring the full potential of the supercomputer.

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