This catalogue contains a list of registered role playing characters. To register a character, please click the category applicable to your character and then click "add (category) entry" at the bottom.

You may wish to consult the Character Creation Tips and the Classes Wiki before registering your character.

Please note the following:
  • You will not be able to edit a character once submitted. To have a staff edit it, contact staff by going to "Support".
  • Members are allowed to register one team canon, main canon, or battle character for free.
  • The cost to register additional canon characters after you've already registered your one free character is 1,000 Yang per character (500 Yang per character for Donor Status members). It takes a lot of effort for staff to program new characters into the RP system, hence the high cost.
  • Members may register a virtually unlimited number of non-canon characters for free since they do not have to be programmed into the RP system.
  • Approved canon characters can be used in the Discord TLC Bot's RP commands. Non-canon characters cannot be used by the bot.
  • Characters may not be humans, unless they are Anime characters. Humans do play a role in the story, but they cannot engage in combat. In addition, no fictional humans are permitted; use yourself in the stories.
  • All team canon, main canon, and battle characters cannot have initial stats exceed a total of 300. You can increase your character's stats as your character earns XP (your character's HP cap increases by 1 every 50 XP, and you can assign 5 stat points to any of your stats after every 250 XP.).
  • All team canon, canon, and battle characters may not exceed 3 attacks/spells initially. Your character can learn more attacks/spells through earning XP. Your character can learn 1 additional attack/spell after every 500 XP earned.
  • Attacks and spells may not permanently modify stats of any character. Temporary modifiers are permitted.
  • Characters may possess weapons, but each weapon they possess counts as, and should be listed as, one attack / spell. Additional weapons may be purchased. Weapons from the RP store have their own energy points independent of the character. Permanent weapons possessed by the character use the character's EP.
  • Non-canon characters do not utilize XP, classes, nor the field asking for which canons and teams you want to be involved in.
  • Main canon, team canon, and battle characters will require staff approval before being allowed to role play or show up in the database. Non-canon characters do not have to be approved, but have to be registered separately in the non-canon character category. If your character does not meet our criteria for acceptable characters, staff will private message you and ask for revisions.
  • If your character is for main canon, team canon, or battle, staff will contact you during the approval process to agree on a number of energy points required for each attack/spell your character has.

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Non-canon characters

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Main canon, Team Canon, and Battle characters

These characters have been registered for the main canon, team canon, and/or battle role plays. Submissions to this category require staff approval.

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