Host Your Own Radio Show

LoveyCube Radio is equipped with the capability to allow other people to host their own shows on our stream. You can air shows of virtually any type… all talk shows, hybrid talk/music shows, or all music shows. Please be aware that you must have permission (either via using royalty-free or creative commons music, or by paying performance royalties for the music you play on your show) to play music on your show. If we get any copyright infringement reports for music you did not have permission to play, you will be held responsible by LoveyCube and will have your show terminated and any fees paid by you.

How Does It Work?

First off, our radio system is capable of hosting 4 different kinds of shows: Syndicated, live, pre-recorded, and podcast. 
  • Simulcast shows: These are shows that exist on other internet radio stations but are re-broadcast through LoveyCube Radio.
  • Live shows: Using a couple of software programs and a microphone, you can stream audio to our radio system which will then go out on our internet radio stream.
  • Pre-recorded*: Prior to show time, you record the show and then upload it to our radio system.
  • Podcast: Our radio station will query a podcast feed and play the most recently added podcast episode.
*Prerecorded audio has a file size limit of 96MB on our upload form.

The Radio Show Dashboard

Hosting shows on our station is rather easy thanks to the radio show dashboard.
  • When you get a show with us, you will use the "Radio Show Dashboard" to manage your show.
  • You'll be using it to queue your show and tell our station you will be airing a show this week.
  • You'll be using it to upload your pre-recorded audio to our radio system if you have a prerecorded show.
  • You'll be using it to monitor the status of your show… see the details of your show, what the station time is, whether or not your show is on air and queued, how much time is left, and more.
  • You will be using the dashboard to end your show early if you finish before the scheduled show end time.
  • You will be using it to restart syndication or to restart the live stream if for whatever reason it stops on our internet station.
  • You will also be using it for other functions as well over time as we program more into it.

What are the costs?

  Free shows Priority Shows Special Show episode
Cost Free Must be a Gem Patreon (donate $10/month or more) 2,500 Yang / air
Limit per member 1 hour per week in total airtime 6 hours per week in total airtime Virtually unlimited
Show length 15 minutes to 1 hour per show 15 minutes to 3 hours per show

(Prerecorded shows are limited to a max of 1 hour due to filesize limits)
1 hour to 6 hours per episode (can be up to 24 hours for major events/shows)

(Prerecorded shows are limited to a max of 1 hour due to filesize limits)
Priority Low Medium High
Time slots you may choose Only empty ones Empty ones or ones with low-priority shows Any time slot not already taken by a high priority show.
When you will be asked to bump or cancel your show A medium or high priority show requests your time slot A high priority show requests your time slot Virtually never
Promotion Entry in the programming schedule; other promotion is your responsibility. Entry in the programming schedule; ocassional promotion in weekly newsletters. Entry in our programming schedule, free advertising banner, free underwriting on the stream, promotion on our social media channels, promotion in our Discord server, promotion by staff wherever possible, promotion to our affiliates.
Special restrictions None None We will usually only approve special shows for those that have the potential to bring in several listeners, such as shows streaming special events or concerts, or interviews with significant people.
  • Your limit to radio shows is calculated by the total airtime per week. For example with free shows, you can have an hour-long show that airs once per week. You could also have 2 30-minute shows that each air once per week. You could also have a 30-minute show that airs twice per week.
  • Priority shows will be canceled if you no longer contribute at least $10 per month to LoveyCube via Patreon. However, you can keep your free shows.
  • You must register special shows at least 14 days in advance.
  • If you have a regular radio show presently, however you have a special episode coming up, you may register that specific air as a special show for 2,500 Yang by contacting us via. Support Tickets (About -> Support Tickets, or email [email protected] ) at least 14 days in advance. Getting special show status for your episode means a lot more promotion from our end as well as higher priority.

What are the regulations and rules?

  • You need to have an account on LoveyCube / Discordapp in order to host a show.
  • Everything you air is bound by LoveyCube's rules (found at About -> Rules in the top menu). Infringing on these rules can result in disciplinary action on your account and possible show termination.
  • When you play [legal] music tracks on your show, you must announce the artist and title of the tracks you play.
  • Time slots for radio programming are first come, first served, and based on priority status according to the costs section above.
  • You may not advertise commercial products or services on your radio show (if you promote something, leave out any mentions of prices, comparison language, or calls to action).
  • If you provide opinions on any matters, you must state "The views and opinions of (show name) do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of LoveyCube nor its affiliates." This is especially important if you are discussing political issues.
  • LoveyCube does not officially endorse any political candidates or issues nor any content or opinions expressed on your radio show unless we explicitly state so to you. Therefore, it is a violation of radio regulations to tell others we endorse something if we did not explicitly tell you we do.
  • If you are doing your show live, you must disconnect the program you're using to stream audio to us no later than 5 minutes after ending your show. You may also not connect any sooner than 5 minutes before your show to the internet stream.
  • If you are doing a live or simulcast show, you must end the show early via. the end show early button in the radio dashboard if you finish before your scheduled show end time.
  • You will not have the ability to host your radio show if you are banned, suspended, or in probation.
  • Pre-recorded shows must not exceed 96 MB in file size and must be in either mp3, aac, mp2, or ogg format.
  • If you plan to terminate your radio show or not air on a specific day, you need to contact staff via. the support tickets to avoid show termination and possible disciplinary actions.
  • Staff have the right to terminate radio shows and issue disciplinary action if they do not air without prior notice to staff. In addition, staff have the right to terminate radio shows for other reasons, such as moderation of the radio programming. However, contact will be made before deciding terminations for those reasons.
  • These regulations may change at any time. Fair notice will be attempted, but is not obligatory.

What do I get for hosting a show?

At the discretion of the staff, you may receive some gifts for hosting a show on our station. these gifts may include but are not limited to the following:
  • You will earn the Radio Show Hosting Charm after your first air, visible on your member profile. This charm will remain with you permanently, even if your show is terminated.
  • If you are in our Discord server, your name in the member list will be Olive Green opposed to forest green, and you'll have the "Radio Show Hosts" role.
  • Your show will be promoted from time to time on our website. Promotion outside of our website is your responsibility. If you register for a special show, we will make strong efforts to promote your show.
  • You might receive Yang from time to time if your show is well received by others.

How do I request to host a show?

  • You must have no more than 25 demerits before you can sign up for a new radio show. What are demerits? . In addition, make sure you have already become a Gem Patreon or higher if registering for a priority show, or that you have 2,500 Yang if registering for a special show episode.
  • Before requesting to host a radio show, be sure to think about and plan your radio show. Come up with a name and decide what content you will host on it. Also decide how you will air it (live, pre-recorded, live and prerecorded, simulcast, or podcast) and what time(s) it will air. These will all be asked on the form.
  • When deciding when to air your show, be sure to check out our current programming schedule at Radio -> Program Schedule. Click names of shows to see their priority. Remember that free shows can only choose empty time slots, donor status users may choose empty slots or slots with a low priority show, and special shows may choose any slot not taken by a high priority show.
  • When you are ready, fill out the radio show request form by logging into your account and then going to