Guided Meditations

Tune in to The Lovinity Community+ virtually every morning at 10am ET, afternoon at 4pm ET, and evening at 10pm ET (with the exception of Monday evenings), for guided meditations. Spend 10-30 minutes with us as we take you in a guided meditation journey to help you improve your well-being, ease away fears and doubts, and help you think clearly.

Tune in every Sunday at 9am ET or 3pm ET to learn all about meditation: what it is, how it can benefit you, and what techniques and items you could use during a meditation.

These meditations are brought to you by the Meditation Bible by Madonna Gauding.

See the radio program schedule calendar to see when these meditations air. You can also click this link if you wish to view the download archives of our guided meditations and purchase mp3s of these meditations using your Lovinity Community+ points.

New meditations are recorded periodically so keep checking in for the latest ones!