Privacy policy

How does LoveyCube <-> Discordapp Integration Work?

LoveyCube is a combined Discord server and social website. When being a part of LoveyCube Discord server, or when you use Discord to log in to our website, an account is automatically created on our website and associated with your Discord (your discord username, avatar, and snowflake ID are used. Your email is also used only when you log in to our website). This allows for the tracking of XP, Yang (virtual currency), activity levels (for leaderboards), earned charms and other rewards, and profile information (bot command !profile). It also allows us to have an integrated disciplinary system between both the website and Discord.
We fully own and operate the website, the LoveyBot bot, and all data associated with them. No other websites nor Discord guilds use LoveyBot nor .
It is not possible for users to be a part of our Discord guild and not have an account on; it is necessary for discipline tracking. However, you do have the option to request deletion of your account if desired. Contact @staff if you want it deleted. However, be aware you will need to leave our Discord in order to avoid having a new account created automatically by the bot. In addition, if you have any active demerits (discipline) on your account, we will have to ban you as well to avoid a moderation loophole (creating a new account with no disciplinary records).

LoveyBot keeps a record of chat messages in our Discord server for the purpose of antispam and determining activity levels of users. Messages from the log are deleted after 30 days. Only high-level administrators (Currently, only @Lovinity ) have access to the logs. No other providers have any access to the bot's data.

Who collects information?

The following is a current list of operators on LoveyCube, excluding search engines, that collect information from this website:
  • LoveyCube (contact: Patrick Schmalstig at [email protected])
  • Discord App ( (We collect your discordapp account information, including but not limited to username, discriminator, avatar, and [when authorised by you] email address. We do NOT collect your password.)
  • OVH (server information) (contact: go to
  • ocProducts Ltd. / Composr CMS (They collect minimal information about this website, such as errors that occur and performance data) (contact: see
  • Arrowchat (they collect minimal performance information about the chat system (bar at the bottom)) (contact: see
  • Twitter (We frequently share updates and links to content on our official Twitter stream, @LovinityComm)
  • Google (collects "+1" information, website analytics, adsense data, website content for their search engine, and other related information)
  • Smartlook ( (They collect analytics data and are also used for analyzing how people use our website)

What cookies and information are stored?

This website:
  • stores temporary cookies that are removed when you close the browser window, such as a user session identifier;uses Google Analytics for analysing visitor trends
  • stores cookies (yes/no) for remembering what things have been turned off/closed;
  • stores cookies for remembering font size;
  • stores cookies for improving the usability of engaging aspects such as the chatroom or forum (in particular, auto-saving of partially-typed posts);
  • stores other kinds of cookie that are mentioned before they are set;
  • logs basic information pertaining to your computer including your IP address, web browser name, and operating system.
  • Our Discord guild bot, LoveyBot, logs all chat messages in our Discord guild for 30 days in a private password-protected database for the purposes of antispam heuristics and calculating activity levels of users. Only the administrators have access to this information. And logs over 30 days old are deleted automatically.
  • stores other information, such as the following:
    • Usernames (used in identifying you across the entirety of this website, as well as for logging in)
    • Full names (optional profile fields for people to know your legal name)
    • Email addresses (used for sending email newsletters and notifications, verifying your account, aiding in preventing multiple account registrations, and blocking spam accounts)
    • Gender identities (optional profile field so others know what gender you identify as)
    • Preferred Pronouns (optional profile field so others know what pronouns you prefer to be referred to by)
    • Sexual orientations (optional profile field so others know who you're attracted to.
    • Dates of Birth (to enforce rules that are age-dependent [COPPA, age of consent rules, etc.] and used for legal matters should they arise)
    • Timezones (used to display time stamps in your time zone)
    • Occupations (optional profile field to let others know what field of work you are in)
    • Locations (optional profile fields to let others know where you are in the world)
    • Social Media Profiles (optional profile fields to allow others to find you on other websites)
    • Mobile phone numbers (optional profile field for others to contact you by phone)
    • Payment information (Not currently used; will be used for shopping cart functionality)
    • Any other information about yourself you provide on your profile
  • if you are logged in, your member profile will update the publicly displayed time that you last visited (which will also be stored in a cookie), and you will show as online (unless you login as invisible).
  • Use of the shopping cart may cause a non-logged-in-user's session to stick around for a longer than normal period of time, using a cookie, in order to keep the cart from being lost.
If you wish to see what exact cookies are saved, or delete cookies, you may do so using standard tools built into your web browser.

What can staff see and do?

The staff reserve the right to read any content submitted to this website or to our Discord server, including private content, Private Topics, and Instant Messaging conversations. Any form of conversation made, or content submitted or edited, through this website or through our Discord server should be considered viewable by staff. All content and posts, whether 'deleted' or not, are stored on the server and in backups and may be reviewed if we feel we have cause for an investigation. If you want to keep something completely private, do not use our services for transmitting it. It is also wise not to use any internet service to transmit private data because privacy is never guaranteed online.

Despite the above, staff are under strict regulations not to share any private content nor information with anyone unless legally required to do so, or unless the information involved relates to an investigation of a rule violation. And they are only to share information with the parties involved in the investigation. If you feel any staff member is violating this, please contact Lovinity directly in a Private Topic.

Session Recordings

Sometimes, sessions will be recorded by Smartlook for the purposes of analysing how users use our website. This information is used to improve the user interactivity of LoveyCube, and is used as evidence in the event a report is filed against someone.

Should you not wish to have your sessions recorded, you may contact us at [email protected] or go to About / Help -> Tickets / Contact. We will add your IP and your username to a blacklist that tells Smartlook not to record any of your sessions. Be aware that should you change your Discord username, the block may become ineffective.

Search Engines

In order to drive traffic to LoveyCube, search engines crawl our website. Crawling entails going through the website and grabbing content that can be used on search engines to list this website and sections of this website.

All public content and information you submit to LoveyCube can be indexed by search engines. However, content that cannot be viewed by guests, such as posts in member-only forums, or content where the privacy setting is not set to "everyone", cannot be indexed; search engines will get an access denied error when they try.

We have no control nor responsibility over what search engines index from our website. If something got indexed on a search engine that you feel violates your right to privacy, contact the search engine in question; do not contact LoveyCube.


When you hold an account and log in for the first time on our website, you agree to receive emails from LoveyCube pertaining to our community. These emails include notifications on activity, weekly newsletters, and urgent / immediate bulletins. You will receive these emails in the email address you use for Some, but not all, email notification settings can be customised. To see what settings can and cannot be changed, see This FAQ entry on notification settings .

If you end up getting suspended or banned from our website, you will not receive any emails from us except for critical bulletins or disciplinary messages during the duration of your suspension or ban.

We will not send email to others which we would consider to be spam.

If desired, you can request for an email limit to be placed on your account's configured email address. To do this, email [email protected] from the email address you wish to limit, or go to About / Help -> Tickets / Contact. When you do, please specify which priority level of emails you wish to receive as outlined below:
Priority Emails you will receive
0 No emails (this option only available to permanently banned members)
1 Critical emails regarding emergency down time or bulletins regarding security. This also includes disciplinary messages from staff.
2 All emails from above plus important, but not critical, emails, such as maintenance notices, notices about critical bugs, and weekly newsletters of high importance.
3 All emails from above, plus normal priority weekly newsletters and automatic email notifications.
4 All emails from above, plus low priority news.
5 All emails

Privacy settings

Logged in members may choose which fields display publicly.

Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

In order for children under the age of thirteen (13) to join this website or our Discord server, the legal guardian of the child must also have an account on our website and have verified the child to be their legal responsibility. This is in accordance with U.S. law, but is applied internationally as a civil standard.

The parent or guardian has the option to agree to the collection and use of the child's information without consenting to the disclosure of the information to third parties. Regardless how the parent or guardian consents, it is still required that the parent or guardian has an account on LoveyCube. This is to ensure safety of the child and so the child has a spokes person in the event the child gets bullied or ends up in some other dispute on our website.

LoveyCube may not require a child to disclose more information than is reasonably necessary to participate in an activity as a condition of participation.

The parent or guardian can review the child's personal information, ask to have it deleted and refuse to allow any further collection or use of the child's information. This may be done by contacting the staff at [email protected] or filing a support ticket under Help -> Tickets / Contact.

Spam checking

For the purpose of reducing spam:
  1. Your IP address, e-mail address, and username, may be checked against the Stop Forum Spam web service, which involves these details being transmitted within a service request.
  2. Your IP address may be checked against multiple block lists, which involves these details being transmitted within a service request.
  3. If staff have reasonable suspicion that you are a spammer, they may transmit your IP address, email address, username, and/or other relevant information to spam databases to check if you have a reputation for spamming other websites.

Error Reporting

This website automatically sends details about errors that occur to the developers of this website's software, ocProducts Ltd. / Composr CMS. Usually, no personal information is reported. However, sometimes information, such as usernames, paths to uploaded files by users, IP addresses, URLs to user content, and so on may be included in error reports to the developers. Only information relating to the error itself is transmitted. The use of the information transmitted is the sole responsibility of ocProducts Ltd. / Composr CMS . Should you have any concerns about this information, you can contact them at or you can start a Private Topic with the account of the head developer, Chris Graham.