TLC+ North American Confederation Headquarters

Welcome to The Lovinity Community+ micronation headquarters for the North American Confederation . Our under-construction building is located in the Highland Township in the Commonwealth of Greene.

The Lovinity Community+ is a non-profit organization with one goal in mind: to help the local micronation community through social services.

Our unofficial plans, subject to change, are to renovate the abandoned building we have aquired to include five fundamental sections / departments, each serving a separate purpose for the community.

The first section of the building will be Media Relations department. The Lovinity Community+ will build a Public Access Radio station, which anyone from the general public may utilize to spread information, especially civic discussion, via. Mass Media. We also hope to house a printing press in the Media Relations department as well, which will print off newspapers for the community containing news and other happenings.

The second section of the building will be Human Resources department. Individuals may come together and help each other out in a variety of different ways… from giving wisdom, seeking advice, and requesting help with tasks such as home improvement or getting groceries.

The third section of the building will be the Activism Department. The Lovinity Community+ will aid others in forming, organizing, funding, and promoting activist and protest movements for a variety of different causes.

The fourth section of the headquarters will be Government Relations. Here, The Lovinity Community+ will provide a number of resources for civil leaders and government officials to conduct government business. The Media Relations Department will work closely with Government Relations to keep citizens in the knowing of the latest government decisions.

The fifth and final section of the headquarters will be the stock exchange. The Lovinity Community+ will serve as a non-profit stock exchange (TLC) for companies serving the North American Confederation. We will aid companies in starting up by helping them with an initial public offering of shares, as well as aid investors in trading, buying, and selling shares with these companies, even after the initial public offering is accrued. This collaboration will foster an environment in which companies in the North American Confederation may grow and thrive, and investors may have a secure method of investing in their company or companies of choice.

The headquarters will also include 2 private conference rooms and 1 public arena, with the ability to purchase additional property to build more rooms if needed. The private conference rooms would serve functions such as activist demonstrations and meetings, as well as government meetings. The public arena would house events open to the general public, such as debates and voting.

We look forward to being of service to you, The North American Confederation!