This catalogue contains journal entries by members, both public and private. You can utilize this catalogue to write unlimited number of journal entries with mood tracking, activity tracking, attachment support (for pictures and so on), and other features.

  • For people starting to use this journal system: first make a category in the root / home section by clicking "add catalogue category" at the bottom and include your username in the category title. If you do not do this, we cannot properly keep track of who owns what journals; our catalogues system does not track owners of categories. Do not touch the permissions section in the add category screen; you might grant or deny access to the wrong people, including yourself.
  • To create separate categories to organize your types of journals, first go inside the first category you created from the above step (eg. "(username)'s journals"). Then, if you're creating a category within a category (subcategories), navigate into the category(ies) until you reach the place you want to create your new category. Finally, click "add catalogue category" at the bottom to create your category. Again, do not touch the permissions section for the same reasons stated in the first bullet point.
  • To add a journal entry: Navigate into the category in which you want to add your journal entry. Then at the bottom, click "Add entry" (it may be worded differently but will always contain the words add entry). You can then fill out your journal and submit it.
    • To change whether or not people can rate or comment on entries: Look for these settings in the metadata section. By default, ratings are on but comments are off.
    • To change who can view your entry: Locate the privacy settings section. "Everyone" means literally everyone, including guests, can see your entry. "Members only" means only logged in users can read it. "Friends only" is not used. "Myself only" is so only you can read your entry.
  • To edit / delete a journal entry: Browse to, and open, the entry you want to edit. Then at the bottom, click edit entry. Be aware that deleting an entry could leave a hole in the emotion trends and other statistical data calculated for you.
  • To edit / delete a category you created: You unfortunately cannot do this yourself and will need to contact staff. File a report against your own category with the report links to have it edited or deleted by staff.
  • Because catalogues do not track who owns what category, it is unfortunately possible to add categories / entries into other people's categories. Do not do this; your entry/category will be deleted and you'll be issued discipline if you do. If someone added a category / entry in your own category, use the report links at the bottom to report it.
  • All journal entries that are public to more than just yourself must fully abide by all website rules. This includes providing trigger warnings, being respectful, and so on. Private entries do not have to fully follow the rules, however you need to recognize the remaining warnings below.
  • Staff can view all entries, including ones you set to myself only. However, staff have signed a non-disclosure agreement contract; they are not allowed to view private journal entries without just cause… and if they do view it, they are strictly forbidden from sharing or using any information from the entry to anyone, except when the next warning applies.
  • Should your journal entry express immediate, clear threat of suicidal or homicidal ideation,  clear intent to commit a crime, indication you have committed a crime, or indication that you have been physically or sexually abused, staff are required by law to report it to law enforcement. This is to ensure your own safety as well as the safety of others.

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Lovinity's Journals

These are my various journals and happenings from the CEO, Lovinity.

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Silent's journal

Stuff that Silent puts in his journals.

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Lucario's Journals

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