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There are a variety of choices in terms of which media you can go to in order to get your news and current events. However, each group or corporation tend to have their own stance in terms of the news: Strongly liberal, slightly liberal, moderate, slightly conservative, and strongly conservative. Here is a chart that was shared on Facebook of where media corporations land:

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Vanessa Otero - Vanessa Otero added a new photo. | Facebook View

  • Do you agree with this chart? Why or why not?
  • Where do you usually get your news from? Liberal media, moderate media, conservative media? Sensational news, high standard news, complex news?
  • Do you feel that this kind of bias in the media is an issue? How so or why not?
  • Should media corporations be required to state their political affiliation for transparency reasons?
  • Should registered news corporations be required to be as centric / moderate as possible to avoid bias?
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