A note from Lovinity Hearts, Founder

Dear LoveyCube members,

It is in my hopes as well as the hopes of all the staff here that you thoroughly enjoy our community and what it has to offer. My staff and I put countless volunteer hours and effort into this community for no monetary gain in order to make sure you get the most out of it for free. Unfortunately, a website is not free to run. And given we are a non-profit community, our costs are paid for by your donations as well as what you provide for other services.

Please consider donating to our community to help support the costs necessary to own the domain name, run the server and internet radio stream, serve you content, and purchase necessary software. You will be rewarded for your donation as defined below. And in addition, we make a strong commitment to show our donating members proof of what their donation money went towards. That way, you know we aren't using it for our own personal gain.

Thank you so much!

Lovinity hearts / Patrick Schmalstig
CEO/Founder of LoveyCube

After donating or becoming a Patreon, unless you provided your username in the PayPal transaction, to claim your donation rewards, immediately create a support ticket under Help -> Tickets / Contact , or email [email protected] .

Donate via Patreon (monthly donations)

Patreon Rewards (awarded every month as long as you continue to contribute):
Rewards Non-Patreon Dollar Power $1/mo Act of Kindness $5/mo Gem $10/mo Rainbow $20/mo Diamond $50/mo
Monthly Yang 0 200 1,250 2,750 6,000 18,000
Monthly Yin 0 50 200 400 800 2,000
Thank-you in weekly newsletters No No Once monthly Once monthly Weekly Weekly
Profile Charm No No No Gem charm Rainbow Charm Diamond Charm
Host priority radio shows on our internet radio station No No No Yes Yes Yes
Free Advertisements No No No No 1 3
Big mention on home/landing page No No No No No Yes
(subject to change without notice)

Donate via PayPal (one-time donation)

You will earn 200 Yang and 50 Yin for every $1 USD you donate via PayPal. You will not get any of the perks that come with being a Patreon, however.

Things you can get with your Yang

When you donate, you earn lots of Yang. This Yang can be used to purchase a lot of different things in LoveyCube, such as but not limited to: