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Brief Description Seek new dates and potential relationships in a safe community that discourages nonconsensual behaviour and sex-only hookups.
Detailed Description One of the biggest challenges found within dating communities is that a lot of the people in them are downright toxic. Often, you'll find nothing more than people who just want to have sex with you and beg for nudes.

Here in LoveyCube, though we do not fully prohibit sexual interactions and nude exchanges (except in public areas), we do foster a safe environment for those seeking potential dates and relationships. For one, we require all sexual behaviour to occur in private and not anywhere public. We go even further to require that any sexual behaviour that does occur in private must be consensually agreed upon prior to it happening; any sexual behaviour that takes place without a prior agreement can be reported and thus intervened by staff. We also discourage joining our community if your sole desire is sex. We want everyone to invest in meaningful dates and relationships that go beyond sexual behaviour; sex is only one small part of a relationship.