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Brief Description Our website has unique features you won't find on most other social networks. We also do not mimic other social networks.
Detailed Description Features marked with a * at the end are features you will not find on most other social networks (or if you do, they most likely do not present the feature like we do).
  • Activity feeds - See what other members are doing, and post status updates.
  • Activity Index* - See how active the community as a whole has been within the last 30 days, represented as an index number. See 24-hour trend, 7-day trend, and 30-day trend of how the index has fluctuated.
  • Affirmations* - On the home page of logged in users, you'll see a random affirmation to help you feel in power and control of your life and your happiness.
  • Avatars - Identify yourself around the website with a small picture of your choosing.
  • Top Content (Awards)* - Your content may be featured by staff to get more exposure and to earn you more points.
  • Banner advertising - Help financially support LoveyCube and get exposure for your business, organization, or cause at the same time.
  • Billboard advertising - You can use your Yang in the Yang store to purchase short text messages to appear at the top of all pages for a specific period of time.
  • Bookmarks - bookmark your favorite pages and come back to them later.
  • Breadcrumbs - See the hierarchy of where you are on our website, and go up to parent levels if you wish.
  • Calendar - Create events to promote various happenings. Also used on conjunction with our internet radio system for radio shows.
  • Catalogues* - Allows for a huge variety of databases to have an organized collection of information for others to access. Used in the FAQ, links database, resources, literature, RP characters database, RP store, and more.
  • Charms* - Earn charms, or icons, for your profile page and forum posts for completing various achievements.
  • Chat rooms via. Arrowchat - Chat with others in a group on different topics.
  • Clubs - Create groups for others to join. These groups include a private forum and, upon request, a club-restricted chat room.
  • Content reviews* - Be reminded on a regular basis to review the accuracy of your content. Also allows for the automatic invalidation or deletion of content.
  • Credibility* - Users all get a credibility score, which measures their good reputation versus their bad reputation. A pie chart shows on each member's profile and on each of their posts. It represents their credibility score, as well as good versus bad credibility and credibility influenced by users versus staff.
  • Custom profile fields - allows us to allow you to specify various information on your profile, such as gender identity and pronouns.
  • Disciplinary System* - Allows staff to discipline users in a variety of ways for bad behaviour. These methods include warnings / accountability statements in private topics, issuing of demerits, point fines, restriction of forum topics and forums, probation time (require moderator approval of submitted content), suspensions, and permanent bans.
  • Discord Server* - Our website utilises accounts from Discord app for authentication and account creation. We also have a public Discord server where you can chat with others. We have a custom bot with unique features that also integrates our Discord with the website (so you can earn Yang, show off charms, earn credibility, and more on our Discord server too)
  • Downloads - Share files with others for download. You can also require purchasing of downloads via. points.
  • Ecommerce - Though not currently used, if we do so, we can sell merchandise and other things.
  • Encrypt and Pencrypt Tag* - Encrypt certain content so that it is garbled and not readable in our website database for extra privacy. Just wrap the content to be encrypted inside the [ encrypt ] and [ /encrypt ] tags (remove the spaces). Use the pencrypt tag instead to have to use a decryption key, emailed to you, to decrypt the content on our website for viewing.
  • Failover mode* - If the server is malfunctioning or overloading, the website can go into failover mode, which means it serves already-cached pages instead of generating up-to-date ones. This saves on resources and stability until the server is stable again. In failover mode, many features are also disabled. It is essentially "read only" mode.
  • File sharing and Storage by ownCloud - Donating members will have some storage space on our ownCloud domain file.lovinity.org . There, they can store files and even publicly share them via. generated links (which can also be password protected and set to expire). All files uploaded are encrypted… so if anyone tries to grab the files directly off the server, they won't be able to open them; only ownCloud can decrypt them.
  • Forums - Discuss a wide range of topics on our website in a message board style fashion via. the forums. The forums is the main system of communication on our website. Other functionality, such as reports, tickets, website comments, private topics, and so on utilize the forums.
  • Galleries - Upload images, video, and audio of various things to share with others.
  • Instant Messages via. Arrowchat - Send other users quick real-time private instant messages and chat with each other.
  • Internet Radio System* - Our website is connected to an installation of RadioDJ, which provides our community with an internet radio stream. You can host a variety of radio shows with the community using our radio system and its online dashboard with little effort. The community can also make track requests, which will be added into the playlist queue.
  • Journals* - Keep multiple journals and write journal entries to let others, or just yourself, know about what's going on. Journal entries come with a mood rating (1 to 5), emotions experienced, activities participated in, and the entry itself with attachment support. You can control privacy settings as well as comment/rating settings on a per-entry basis. Emotion trend tracking and advanced search functionality coming soon.
  • Member comments - Leave comments on others' profiles.
  • Member mentions - Tag members in content with the @ symbol followed by their username.
  • Member Photos - In addition to avatars, you can add a photo of your choosing to your profile page.
  • News and blogs - Publish website news (staff) as well as personal blogs.
  • Newsletter - Staff can send out newsletters to various members or usergroups containing information or latest content.
  • Notifications - Receive notifications in a variety of ways for activity, such as web notifications, instant emails, and daily / weekly / monthly emails.
  • Pages - Staff can make pages on the website to showcase various information and content.
  • Yang - Members can earn Yang (our website's virtual currency) for engaging on our website. Members can also use Yang for various rewards.
  • Yang Store - A system and page where users can use their Yang for various things. This is non-exclusive, so there are other ways other than the Yang store to use Yang.
  • Polls - Create questions with options for others to vote on to see where users stand on different issues. Polls can also be attached to forum topics.
  • privacy settings - Enables you to set privacy levels of various content
  • Private Topics - Send other users private forum topics / messages.
  • Quizzes and Surveys* - Create quizzes and surveys with various questions for others to complete. You can restrict time allotted to complete the quizzes, number of winners, points earned for a passing submission, percent one must achieve to pass, and more.
  • Ratings (like/dislike), comments, and Reviews - Engage with content on our website by liking / disliking it, commenting on it, or posting reviews about it (utilizing a 5-star rating system).
  • Recommend - Recommend our website or specific pages to other people via. emails.
  • Reporting - report various content on our website if it is against our rules.
  • Role Play* - We have a role playing section with a unique main canon. Users can add characters and character stats in a database, role play in the main canon or their own derivative, and more. We use basic number crunching and stats for combat. Characters from virtually any role play fandom can participate and be used. Rewards are given from time to time for role plays.
  • Search - Search for various things on our website inside content.
  • Signatures - Add quotes, self promotion, and so on to be displayed at the bottom of all your forum posts.
  • STAR index* - See how engaging in our community you've been within the last 30 days compared to other members. You can also earn additional daily login Yang and promotion if you are 20% or more as active as the most active user.
  • Status Page* provided by Uptime Robot - See what services of LoveyCube are online and offline as well as their average uptime and response time.
  • Support tickets* - Users can communicate with staff in an organized way using support tickets. Also allows for the creation of tickets via. the email [email protected] . The reporting feature utilizes support tickets as well.
  • Surveys* by Limesurvey - We host surveys on our separate survey.lovinity.org domain for LoveryCube. Others may contact us as well if they wish to have us host a survey (participants get rewards).
  • Titles - Donating members can have a title / slogan displayed with their username on forum posts.
  • Unvalidation (Staff review bypass)* - Allows members to mark content as requiring staff approval before being displayed. Useful if users are unsure if something abides by the rules.
  • Users online - See which users are currently using our website.
  • Virtual gifts* - Purchase virtual gifts to send to other users, which are then displayed on their profile page. Temporarily disabled due to a critical bug.
  • Wikis - Create community-collaboration pages / databases about various topics.