Supportive Staff

Headline Supportive Staff
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Brief Description The staff are here for you... to support and help the community. They do not simply punish rule-breakers.
Detailed Description It is unfortunate that in a lot of social communities, the staff are simply there to run the website, enforce the rules, and get people to come to their community. In a lot of social networks, staff lack the personal touch that comes with being people that the users can turn to if they need support.

Here in LoveyCube, staff are not just your police officers. They are also your social workers and your guides. You don't have to have a rule violation or a concern about the website to turn to the staff. If you just need someone to talk to, staff are more than willing to be a pair of ears for you and help you out in any way we can. In fact, our Mentor staff are here for that very reason; to be a support system for our members.

The staff are also here to help ensure that everyone has a good time. Unlike other social networks, we do not intervene only when a problem threatens our own integrity. We will intervene and help settle any disputes that are causing our members unnecessary anxiety and trouble.