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Brief Description Staff will intervene when necessary on discrimination, personal attacks, bullying, harassment, or anything that causes unneeded fear and anxiety in others.
Detailed Description Trolling, bullying, and harassment are frequent issues on many social networks.

Large social networks with a low user-to-staff ratio simply do not have the resources to invest time in handling these issues. Instead, the staff only intervene when the behaviour poses a threat to the social network business themselves, not necessarily other users. As a result, these networks frequently contain trolls, bullies, and other toxic behaviour with little to no intervention from staff. Often, they simply rely on you "blocking" other members instead... but let's be honest: It's nothing more than putting wallpaper over a hole in the wall rather than fixing the hole itself. These users can simply move on to target other users, especially if they are your friends / social connections, and cause harm indirectly via. your connections. Without staff intervention, trolls and bullies move from user to user to cause damage in the community.

Hobby / small social networks usually have higher user to staff ratios, therefore enabling more of an ability to invest in user security. But often the staff are not trained that well in handling such situations when they arise. Or, they simply ban anyone who poses a threat to the community. Although banning members who pose a threat is better than nothing, that method of intervention still lacks the quality found within teaching. With teaching (and staff training), we can educate users on what their mistakes were, how they are detrimental to the community, and how they can improve themselves as people, not just users.

Community moderated social networks simply have no staff to turn to when you have a problem (or, just like with big social networks, they're only there if the problem affects them, not you). All the moderation is done via. some form of reputations system (eg. X number of dislikes and the post is automatically removed). 

We ensure that when it comes to trolling, bullying, and harassment... we are there for YOU. We do not wait to intervene on problems until the problems become our problem or a threat to our operations. We take our users' safety and security seriously. With that, we also do not outright ban troublemakers unless we have to. We ensure to take the time to spend with problematic users on educating them about what had happened so they can improve as people.

All staff have been trained to ensure a safe and open environment where users can be themselves and discuss important issues:
  • Inclusiveness. We promote an environment where anyone, regardless of identity, may use our website so long as they do not intend harm.
  • Anti bullying and Harassment. Bullying and harassment is taken seriously in this community and will be intervened by staff to ensure the safety of all. This includes sexual harassment and personal judgment against others.
  • Trigger and NSFW Warnings. Staff make sure that the potential triggers of those going through trauma are respected. We put warnings on all content that could potentially trigger others, and we require our members to do the same.
  • Privacy. We take privacy seriously in our community. We forbid sharing private conversations and information in public areas. Staff are under contract not to review private conversations without just cause. And we discourage using what you know about others against them.
  • Open-mindedness. We encourage our members to listen to each other and approach topics with an open mind. This doesn't mean you have to agree, but we ask that you at least listen and consider what others have to say.
  • Participation. We encourage participation in our community and reward those who participate frequently. People learn from each other more when participation is common.
  • Personal Accountability. We expect our users to take responsibility for their own actions. Sure, we do have a disciplinary system in place when need be, but we expect users to right their wrongs before staff have to consider discipline.
  • Stepping outside of our boundaries. We encourage (but we don't force) users to explore the unknown and to step outside of their boundaries. By doing so, we learn new things and new ways to make the world a great place.
Safety cannot be guaranteed. Staff do not guarantee you will never run into bullying, harassment, sensitive topics, or other issues in our community. It's simply not realistic. We grow from being challenged and faced with uncomfortable situations. On the same note however, staff are around to help users face these challenges in a mature and respectful way.
Our safe space does not mean censorship. A common misconception about safe spaces is that all safe spaces censor things they do not want to hear. We are not like that; we will only censor blatent attacks against others and anything else that causes direct harm to others. We will not censor opinions. That does not, however, mean that your opinions will not go uncriticised if someone disagrees.
But we are not an invitation to say whatever you want. There are still consequences for what you submit to our community. And everything you submit, you take full responsibility for. Discriminating, bullying, threatening, provoking drama or needless anxiety, lying or giving false or misleading information, pressuring others, insulting others for who they are, or promoting things detrimental to the community are all examples of things you may be disciplined for if you submit such content.

Please refer to our Safe and Brave Space policies for more information.