Why [many] Men are Single


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Men... do you wonder why so many of you are seemingly single and cannot find a woman who loves you? I have a theory that can explain a big part as to why this is true: It's because many women have given up on you.

It is 2017 and women STILL do not have their right to choose [abortion] nor their right to quality maturnal and sexual healthcare protected and fulfilled.

Women are still paid less than men for the same jobs and the same amount of…

Ten reasons to never make nor accept another promise again


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A lot of people, arguably most of us, have been met with the misfortune of someone making a promise and not fulfilling it. And when it happens, we are often left feeling broken, confused, angry, and like we cannot trust another human being again. The truth is that promises are actually a very bad idea and do nothing but set people up for disappointment. I am going to list 10 reasons why you should never make nor accept another promise again. And then afterwards, I will propose an alternative to…

Mt. Vernon Christian School and my experience with it


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I'm finally going to go in-depth about my experiences with my old school, the one I constantly talk about and how it was a miserable, annoying, and frustrating experience. The name of the place is in the title of the blog, so if you wanna see it yourself, just look it up. I went to that place for over a decade, from first grade to sophomore year is how long I've been there. This is all from my personal experiences, so some of the things I bring up may not apply to…

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