Who We Are

Mission Statement

LoveyCube is a safe website and Discordapp community. We provide a warm and friendly place to exchange advice and support, develop friendships, seek dates, discuss current events, share life matters, and role play. We actively intervene on trolling, bullying, harassment, discrimination, and nonconsensual behavior.

Vision Statement

It is in LoveyCube's hopes that through the use of our community, the lives and consciousness of individuals will be transformed in a positive way. We aim to help others develop new friendships and relationships in a safe and friendly environment.

What Does "Lovinity" Mean?

In our community, we frequently use the term "Lovinity". In fact, it is a part of our name. Lovinity is a word consisting of the words divinity, infinity, and love. We hope that through our community, everyone will experience Lovinity, or divine infinite love. Everyone deserves love in its most pure and unconditional form.


Although one of our focuses is advice, our website is not intended to handle crisis situations or matters requiring professional help. Please seek a professional for actual diagnoses, or seek emergency services if you are in a crisis. Here is a community maintained list of crisis lines in various countries.

Quick History

Generation 1 of LoveyCube (known then as The Lovinity Community) began in 2014. Our focus at that time was simply to be a social community where others can exchange words of wisdom and seek advice. We also had an internet radio station. The website ran under ocPortal 9.

Unfortunately, lovinity.org went down in December 2015 due to a server corruption. Due to the low activity level, the website stayed down for some time.

But in April 2016, The Lovinity Community came back as Generation 2, adding the + at the name to represent the new mission, vision, and software (Composr CMS 10). In addition to advice and wisdom socializing, we also focused on promoting activist causes. In addition to the internet radio stream, we also later added on a role playing section, and even later added an official Discord server.

Due to a sudden sharp drop in activity in the community, we found the need to change our focus in June 2017. This is when Generation 3 of our community, LoveyCube, was born. Our focuses were altered to revolve around 6 primary areas: Advice, friendships, dating/relationships, current events, life, and role playing. We altered our mission, vision, rules, and content structure to accommodate our new focuses. We also fully integrated lovinity.org with our Discord server, utilising Discord accounts for logging in instead of native usernames and passwords.